Life is Amazing … but

There will be haters.  It’s so weird to say that but it’s true.  I had my three month check up with my surgeon yesterday and we spoke about this situation.  He confirmed and said the same thing.  Haters.  They are out there.  I’ll tell you the short version.

My entire adult life, I’ve always worn V-necked shirts.  I like them because they don’t feel like they are choking you.  Now let’s remember that for most of my adult life, I had huge breasts.  So wearing a V-necked shirt with huge breasts, I’m sure I’ve shown some cleavage from time to time.  It was bound to happen but no one ever said anything about it negatively.  It was always positive.  I mean in this day and time where most people are focused on bigger is better, I never had a single negative comment made to me.  And if you know me, you would know that I would never show more to get attention.

Now let’s fast forward to my new girls.  I still wear V-necked shirts and trust me there’s a lot less to see but I still want to maintain my comfort levels.  Well, last week I got my hand slapped at work for wearing a low cut shirt.  WTH!?  Nothing has changed in my V-necked shirts along the ways of how low they are – they aren’t any lower than what I used to wear.  And trust me, I went from a DDD/E cup size down to a mere C cup size.  So really what are you going to see, right?


I was shocked.  I was surprised.  At first, I thought it was a joke but it wasn’t.  It was the weirdest thing for sure.  So now I second question every shirt I put on – is it too low, is it ‘appropriate’?  Shaking my head.  I still don’t get it.  But life goes on, right?  And hey really am I going to change what I feel good in because of one negative comment, hell no!


Three Month Check In


Can you believe that it’s been three months since my surgery November 8, 2017?  On one hand time seems to have flown by and on the other hand it has went slow.  Funny how that works huh?  So what’s new with three months?

My breasts are still healing amazingly!  In fact, I go for my three month check up with my surgeon on 2/19/2018.  I can’t wait for his check up.  All of the outside stitches are gone and healed great.  I’ve had no more spitting stitches from the inside since December and all is healed well there.  The actual surgery scars are getting lighter.  Don’t get me wrong, you can still see them but they are not as noticeably screaming, “I’ve had surgery”.  In fact, I’ll take the scars.  I call them my tiger stripes from this surgery.

The breasts themselves are softening up.  The right one almost totally soft while the left one (the worse side) is still hard in places.  And my nipples are still healing.  I have some feelings in them but not a lot.  But these are issues not to worry about I’m told – it takes TIME for healing.

I’m also still wearing some sort of bra 24 hours a day.  During the day, it’s my choice but at night, I’m still wearing my compression bra.  It makes me feel better still at this time – more held together if that makes sense.  I did go braless around the house over the weekend while washing clothes.  It felt totally odd – LOL!

I still have to remind myself at times that my breasts are different.  Sometimes your mind still tries to fool you into thinking you are what you are not.  Make sense?    I really don’t have any shirts that fit anymore for obvious reasons 🙂  I went shopping and I’m still grabbing for the bigger sizes without thinking that I don’t need those anymore.  It’s a work in progress.  I haven’t bought a lot of new clothes.  I’m holding out for a bit.  It’s still hard for me to wear anything ‘tight’ per say to show off my new breasts.  I’ll get there I’m sure but not yet.

And another weird thing.  All of my life, I’ve lived with the size of my breasts.  They defined me and every time I looked at them or saw myself in pictures, I was a big boned girl with big breasts and I would always be a big boned girl with big breasts.  For the first time in my life now, I look down and see smaller breasts and think to myself for the first time, I’m not that huge.  I can actually be normal for once in my entire life.  It’s definitely a huge life change for me.

So that’s what is up with me and my three month status.  Life is still going strong and by this summer, I’m hoping to be showing a bit more.  LOL

11 Weeks

Yep.  This is me – 11 weeks post op today.  Squeals!


Let’s start by saying that in the past, I would have *never* even attempted to wearing anything frivolous like this.  First off, my previous breasts would not even fit and would hang low to my belly button.  Second off, there was no support for my previous breasts.  But with the new and improved diminishing diva’s, this cute little bra is perfect.  It does have straps close to the sides, you can’t really see them from this picture.  And it does have support for my ‘new’ breasts.  I am beyond ecstatic to wear something cute like this.  My husband said I’ve been like a teenager collecting lingerie these days – LOL.  That’s a good thing I promise.

The new breasts are still healing and still have a long ways to go but each and every day I love them more.  And I’m so glad I went through with this surgery!

d00dc59c-6a75-4677-b175-78b768361ddd-w960Some have asked how much I had removed.  I was a DDD/E cup size.  I requested to go down to a D cup size.  However, with the lumps they had to remove (thank goodness everything came back cancer free!), I’m more of a C cup at this time.  Am I disappointed?  HELL NO!  I’m loving them.  The doctor removed a total of 5.5 POUNDS!  That is a little bit more than a sack of flour.  Do you need another picture to show you a sample?

Here we go.  A personal mini watermelon.  Let’s just say that my breasts were huge.  Somewhere along the lines of DDD/E and this represents them before.


Now, afterwards I’m a nice C cup.  I don’t overflow the top or the sides or the back. Now let’s look at the new breasts in comparison to a grapefruit.


You tell me.  Do you see a difference?  Giggles

Ten Weeks

For as long as I can remember, I was always known for my breasts – always.  People would say, “Oh June, the one with the big boobs”.  I was so tired of being known by my breasts… or for my breasts to be the first one to enter the room – LOL

I have to say that lately I am LOVING my new girls!  Someone that doesn’t know me actually called me a member of the itty bitty titty club this week.  I laughed and said thank you!

In this picture below, I am holding up a previous bra that I actually wore to my new breasts.  When I wore this old bra, I would actually overflow on the top.  Can you see the difference?  Squeals!!


2 Months

This week marks two entire months since my surgery.  Can I get a YAY!!  Things are progressing and healing very nicely.  It’s hard for me to top buying bralettes and cute little sport bras – LOL.  Everything that once upon a time I just shook my head and said there would be no way in hell they would support my girls.  But now, I’m having a fantastic time shopping.  In fact, these days you hear me say, “WOW, that’s too big”.  Those words were *never* part of my vocabulary before – EVER.

I’m still wearing some type of bra 24 hours a day.  I still find that I need the comfort at night when I sleep.  I’m not in any type of pain now.  My breasts are starting to ‘soften’ up a bit and getting used to their new environment.  Eventually they will get that natural tear drop look to them.

There has been quite of few people that have noticed the difference in my chest that had no idea I was getting a reduction/lift.  Their thoughts have been hilarious in many ways.  Most say, “You’ve lost weight” or “You weren’t that big.”  LOL – you didn’t carry them around my friend.

Some peeps have seen my before/after pictures.  Some even swear it’s not the same person – no way.  Trust me.  It is.

Eight Weeks

It’s amazing how time is flying by every week.  My friend Sharon told me that changes continuously happen and as much as I love my new breasts now, I will love them more once they are settled between six months and a year.  I can’t imagine loving them anymore than now – LOL

What has changed?  The itching has subsided a lot.  I think it helps with using the essential oils – thanks Monika for the suggestion ❤

Yesterday I was released to start back my exercise routine.  I started my walking again – very slowly at first – and I will build up to it.  By this time in my recovery, the “bounce” that once drove me crazy is something I don’t think about anymore.

I am still wearing some type of bra twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.  This is very important during recovery in the helping of your breasts heal.  At night, I *always* wear my suppression bra.  It’s kind of become a security blanket to me.  Sometimes I wear it during the day.  I’m trying not to go too bra crazy buying cute little bras I never thought I would wear but it’s hard to refrain – LOL.  I’ll have to show you pictures of some in a future posting.  They are so cute and little.

By this time, all of the incision lines are healed over.  There are no more scabs, spitting stitches or any open places.  Everything has healed beautifully so far.

Seven Weeks Post-Op


This picture above is me before surgery November 8, 2017.  Trust me, there was a lot to the girls.  Yesterday was seven weeks since surgery.  What does it look like now?  Well, I took a picture this morning using the same shirt.  You tell me.


This is me now.  See there is a lot of boobage missing – good riddance!  And this is what you get – with or without a bra.  In fact, in this picture I’m wearing the most dainty of all bras – nothing but a wisp of lace.  Something I thought previously I would *never* wear.  My chest feels better.  In fact, I think I look ‘thinner’ without all of that extra going on with my chest.  I feel a heck of a lot better.  In fact, I’ve been released to start exercising again in January.  I plan on hitting it January 2 – slow at start – and getting back into my walking routine.  I’ve missed it.  So what do you think my friends.  See a difference? 🙂

Six Weeks

Can you believe it’s been six weeks today since I had my surgery?  Things are progressing smoothly.


All of my spitting stitches have now gone – amen to that!  There are no more scabs.  The scars are looking amazing.  The breasts are becoming more softer now and are starting to drop into place.  What do I mean by this?  When you have the reduction, tissue is cut off from your breast.  The remaining tissue is put into place and sewn together by hundreds of stitches.  This makes the breast hard because the tissue has been molded into their new shape.  Make sense?  So now during week 6, they are starting to soften up a bit.

And I have nipple sensation – LOL.  Nipple sensation has been a big thing for the past six weeks.  They reposition your nipple and it’s very important that it makes the move.  Sometimes, not often, but sometimes your nipple can die.  Every time I went to my surgeon for a check up, he would make sure I had nipple sensation by touching my nipples.  Nothing sexual although my husband did tell him he was getting more time with the new girls than he was these days – LOL.  Leave it to my husband to joke.  The doctor told him not to worry – he had all of his life left with the new girls once they settled a bit.

I’m still wearing some type of bra 24 hours a day.  In the past, that would kill me.  The first thing I wanted at the end of the day was to get my bra off.  Nowadays, I’m loving my bra.  I wear my suppression bra at night to sleep in and sometimes during the day.  If I’m not wearing the suppression bra, then I’m wearing something I love – something frilly and lacy that I thought I would *never* be able to wear before.  I’m trying not to go too crazy buying cute little wispy bras right now.  I have all of the time in the world in the future.  So there you go – six weeks and feeling great!

5 Weeks!

Today is five weeks since surgery – time is flying by these days.  Today I want to talk more about the in between recovery period that you don’t read so much about doing research.


During recovery period, you will receive these little pings of pain throughout your breasts.  Some people like to call them zingers or lightning strikes.  Sometimes it may be just one zinger or sometimes it may be bunches at a time.  They can be painful when you get a lot at one time.  Other times, not so painful but annoying.  What are they really?  It’s where your nerve endings are coming back together in your breasts/nipples after surgery.  One day I had so many of them, I took a half day from work, went home and went to bed.  I found them really bad in my left nipple as well.  Being five weeks out now, I’m not having any zingers as much these days.

I also want to talk about scabs.  You will have scabs after a breast reduction.  I really didn’t read much about this at all.  On my left breast (the worse side), I had a lot of scabs come up along the scar lines, around the nipple and on top of the nipple.  The right breast just had scabs along the scar line and a few around the nipple.  For some reason, I didn’t expect to have scabs.  It makes perfect sense to me now.  Let the scabs heal on their own!  Do not mess with them.  They will come off on their own in their time.  Today, all of mine are gone with the exception of maybe one little spot on my right breast.


IF you are a side sleeper, get used to sleeping on your back.  You will need to sleep on your back for weeks after surgery.  At five weeks, I’m just now starting to sleep back on my sides from time to time and only for short periods at that.  But I had an amazing moment in doing so.  Before surgery if I slept on my side, a breast would surely fall over because trust me those girls weren’t trained and had a mind of their own.  Nowadays I sleep on my side and the breasts stay exactly where they are suppose to stay.  In fact, the first time I tried to lay on my side, I started laughing hysterically.  Jim had to make sure I was okay and I told him the new situation.  He didn’t get it – LOL.

And another thing – bras.  Learn to love them for the first time in your life.  I constantly wear some type of bra every day/night.  My doctor released me to start wearing a ‘regular’ bra – no underwire – for the daytime.  However, at night I still wear my compression bra to sleep in.  At one time, this would have bothered me before surgery because those girls just wanted to be free at night.  But now, I look forward to wearing something secure.  As the doctor reminded me, the more you take care of your new girls, the more the new girls will love you back ❤

Let’s Talk Stitches


We’ve all seen the medical shows on television.  People go in for plastic surgery and within 30 minutes they walk out all beautiful full of smiles and happiness.  They don’t show you the in between of healing – I mean heck the show is only 30 minutes.  I want to put it out there.  Breast reduction is a LONG journey.  Recovery is somewhere between six months to a year.  I want to make sure I share everything for those that are thinking about this journey.  You will have bumps along the ways.  For instance, stitches and scabs.


Yep I said it.  Stitches and scabs.  You see once you have the surgery, there are 100’s of internal stitches and then there are the outside stitches.  The stitches the doctor used on me for the outside were dissolvable which means in time they will go away on their own.  The internal stitches of course you don’t see and there 100’s of them where the doctor puts you back together in one neat little package.  Sometimes your body fights those internal stitches and tries to spit them out through incision lines.  This is what they call a spitting stitch.  Some people never get a spitting stitch while others do.  Raises hand – I got one.  Yay me.  What does that mean, right?

Well I first noticed something that looked weird about a week ago.  It was under my breast in my incision line.  The best analogy for a spitting stitch is a splinter.  Have you ever gotten a splinter so far in your skin that it looks angry?  You know with red streaks, maybe a little pus around it and it hurts to look at let alone to touch the area?  That’s what this ‘spitting stitch’ looked like to me.  Of course I called the surgeon’s office right away and they explained what it was and to cleanse the area twice a day, apply an antibacterial ointment and put a dressing over it because it would ooze.  Lovely huh?

Yesterday I noticed it looked a bit bigger so I called the surgeon’s office again.  I then took a picture of it (I’ll save you from showing you that picture) and texted it to my doctor.  He asked me to come in so he could further examine it.  I left there and then and headed for his office.

Once at the doctors office he told me straight out if I was worried about something, always feel free to call him.  It is much better to look at something currently and fix it then to wait and have a bigger problem.  I love my doctor.  He has always set me at ease from worrying about anything.

The doctor then took some scissors and tweezers and went to work.  He went all the way around both breasts removing any ‘spitting stitches’ and scabs that he thought were problems.  Yes, I had more than one spitting stitch and didn’t even realize it.  The spot in question had several.  Now my breasts are still for the majority numb but I do have feelings coming back here/there.  This procedure was  uncomfortable and I was hurting a bit afterwards, not earth shattering but a gnawing like toothache feel.   Hopefully now, the healing can proceed.