Big Breasts PROS

I’ve spoken on the downside of having large breasts, now let’s talk about the pros.  Yes, there are a few.  Of course the pros do not outweigh the cons in any way, shape or form – snickers.  Please share with me your pros ❤


#1 – Tickets.  Yep I went there.  Sometimes being well endowed with a low cut shirt and an awesome push up bra will do wonders for you when asked for your driver’s license and insurance card.  And if said driver’s license and insurance card just happens to fall right on top of said breasts – bonus points.

#2 – Doughnuts.  Funny how this follows tickets huh?  There is one particular doughnut 9b076bd78ba45bfb51a32f1282872fbe-smile-face-emoticonshop near me that when I go in, the manager has to wait on me personally.  Thank goodness he fancies bigger boned women with even bigger breasts.  I can order two doughnuts and walk out with a dozen or more.  Come to think of it, my friends/family eat a lot of doughnuts and always want me to bring them to this shop.

#3 – I guess you can say that having large breasts also gets you a lot of attention from men…and women at times – LOL.  Sometimes it’s not that men want to meet you personally – they want to meet your chest and make acquaintance.  We all know that sometimes eye contact is not made.  And the hub unit was a member of this as well.  When we first started dating many moons ago in the cave era, he used to talk to me while looking lovingly at my chest.  I was young and naive.  I spoke to my father about this and he gave me the wisest advice in my life.  When I spoke to my future Mr, to stare at his crotch area when I spoke.  BINGO – worked like a charm.


#4 – You meet lots of new people.  Once my sister lived close to New Orleans.  I visited and she took me to the French Quarter.  Yes there was drinking involved and we visited many bars.  At one particularly bar, a particularly man ran over to me, felt my chest up and asked me if they were real.   He wanted a set just like mine.  Welcome to New Orleans.

#5 – Now we all know that I’m a law abiding citizen.  Most states have a hands free cell law of some sort.  And most people would use a bluetooth, which I do use at times.  But what is my best way of going hands free?  I’m glad you asked.  My breasts are so big that my i-phone 6 PLUS sits nicely on top of them.  With the seatbelt crossed over, it’s snug.  Call someone on speaker and there you go – hands free calling.


So what does this tell you about pros?  Cleavage goes a long way baby – LOL



Hello dear friends.  I’m so sorry for not writing sooner.  I haven’t heard anything yet 😦  I talked to a friend of mine yesterday that has used this same office.  She said, “Oh my gosh – I went through the same thing!”  Exhales.  Thank goodness it wasn’t just me!  We all know how doctor offices can be, right?  You wanting to know information is never an emergency to them – LOL.

I do know that when I went for my consult, me and Jim both discussed that this would be something that we were looking for in October (because we all know we have a HUGE surprise in September to reveal yet).  So that could be another hold up with the doctors office.  They could be working with all of the people that want to have surgeries this month/next month and getting them settled.

But in the meantime, I’ve been doing more research.  From everything I read, it really is recommended that you be at a weight that you want to be, which makes sense.  There’s no reason to have a breast reduction and then lose a lot of weight.  That kind of defeats the entire purpose, right?

So here is my game plan.  I would like to lose 50 more pounds (and thanks to all of the stress lately, I’ve already lost 7-8 pounds) before surgery.  Now after surgery, I should be okay if I want to lose 5-15 more pounds.  I will confirm all of this with the doctor’s office when they *finally* call – rolls eyes.

Because we all know, after paying a fortune to get the ta-ta’s where they are suppose to be, those babies are going to be treated like a lost treasure – LOL.

So there you go my friends.  Sorry for the delay.  IF and when the doctor’s office calls, I will let you know.  And as always, continue to follow my blog.  Who knows what I will be writing about in the next couple of months on the daily living with huge boobies who don’t want to play well with others snorts!! ❤

No News Yet

I’m sorry friends – just wanted to keep you updated.  I was hoping to hear something yesterday.  The doctors office ended up being in surgery all day.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they call me on Monday.  I will let you know something as soon as I do.  Please continue to pray and send good vibes my way ❤

I Need Positive Thoughts


Okay my cheerleading squad, I need positive thoughts – prayers and everything you got.  I had a semi-conversation with the doctors office yesterday.  There are some concerns that need to be looked at and reviewed.  They asked me to give them until Friday for a decision and price.

So friends, please send me positive thoughts as well as the doctors office that this moves in my favor.  Much love to you all ❤  I will keep you posted.

Consult Thoughts


Sunday night there were thousands of “What Ifs?” running through my mind.  We got up Monday morning and got dressed.  Of course with the funny in  me, I decided to wear my Mickey Mouse panties.  Hey, you gotta laugh, right?

We got to the doctor’s office and I had all of my paperwork completed.  I’m anal like that.  I did all of my homework, knew my terminology, knew how the surgery was performed.  I think the office staff appreciated that.  The first thing we did was sit down with the doctor.  I know this doctor and I feel comfortable with him. rofllg So of course when he asked me what brought me to him this morning, I replied very seriously, “Well, doctor.  My breasts aren’t big enough.  I want to go bigger.  I’m thinking 800 cc’s in each?”  Can we just say that the look on his face was priceless, especially since I had a low cut shirt on which was showing my already well endowed chest.

Once the laughing subsided and we all felt much better and at ease, I set him straight on my situation.  He went over the procedure with me (which I’m so glad I did my homework because I could follow along).  He told me of the benefits of a breast reduction such as able to move and/or exercise much better, less pressure hanging off my chest, pressure off my shoulders, neck and back with better posture and those pesky bra strap indentations would be gone.

eb38cdfa4c8271dc6d3484a19d16a083The doctor also went over the complications of surgery.  There could be several things that could happen:  infection, nipple sensation and/or nipple loss, bleeding, scarring – a lot of scarring – and both sides might not be even, just to name a few.

Yes there was a *lot* of information given to you at once and yes I’m so glad that I had already educated myself enough to know this information.  Had I not, it would have been like running into a brick wall full force.  And of course, me and Jim had already discussed all of this information beforehand so he was also fully educated.  I did my best before our consult date in describing everything to Jim.  I think this really helped.

Then came the fun part.  The nurse weighed me and took my measurements.  Now being 5’9″, I carry my weight very well – even the nurse said that – yay me for height.  After this part, we went to an examining room where I undressed from the waist up.  This is where you should insert the oh dear God help us all moment.  The ultimate reveal!   And note to doctor offices:  women are in your office for a reason.  The skimpy ’tissue sheet’ that you give us to cover up is ridiculous.  Do you really think I’m going to be able to wrap that kleenex around my ample chest?  Really?


So I just covered my chest with the tissue – there was no way it was wrapping around these delinquents called my breasts.  So we waited a few minutes and the doctor and nurse came back into the room.  IF you have any feelings of not being naked in front of doctors, get over it.  At this point, you are going to be felt up, moved, pushed, folded, measurements will be taken of your breasts and yes pictures will be taken of your before breasts.  Sighs.  Breathe.

I wasn’t embarrassed.  I wasn’t even really uncomfortable.  I was kind of mellow.  I knew this had to be done.  And hey, this guy that is having to use TWO hands to hold up one of my breasts is a professional.  Thank goodness for that.  Shaking my head.  Yes, they are that huge.

Now measurements.  This is a guide that doctors relate to in measuring breasts.  Now class let’s get out our measuring tapes.  This is the fun part.  Measure from your collarbone down to your right nipple.  This should be somewhere between 19-21 cm.  Now do your collarbone down to your left nipple.  Again, this should be somewhere between 19-21 cm.  Every single woman or man for that matter has breasts that are not the same.  You’re not the only one.  Anything you have two of will not be the same.  Some are awfully close but for the most part, not the same because they are separate.  Follow me so far?

I have known since I sprouted breasts at age 11 that mine were extremely uneven.  Breasts came in and then proceeded to swan dive straight down – I never had firm high perky girls.  EVER.  So for 37 years I have been carrying around uneven breasts that I would say had their own separate zip code and I wasn’t lying.

I’m going to share with you my measurements.  I want to keep this blog as honest and open as possible for anyone else looking for help and thinking they are the only one – you’re not.  I also want to express that this surgery is not something I just woke up to one day and said, “Oh, it’s a great time for a breast reduction”.  This breast reduction is something I really need medical wise.  After speaking with the plastic surgeon today about some masses in my left breast which are being watched by my regular doctor (which will be removed upon surgery) and my current problems, even he agreed that it is medically necessary.

My measurements, left breast 42 cm and right breast 47.5 cm.


With that being said, after taking my measurements and recording them the doctor said those words that every single woman wants to hear.  “You will be perky afterwards”.  I think I might have cried.  Is it really too much to comprehend that I can look like something I’ve never had?  At this point, I have my breasts for so long that I can even imagine what they would look like gone and replaced with something so much more manageable.  It was a little too much for me actually.  After the appointment, I had to go get some bloodwork.  After that, I had to take a nap.  I’m still kind of shocked of the what can be.  No, I don’t have a price yet.  They are to call me sometime today/tomorrow with a price.  After a commitment on a price, then a date can be scheduled.

So friends that is where we are right now.  I will keep you updated with information.  I appreciate all of the cards, texts and calls I’ve received – thank you so much!  You really know how to make a girl feel loved ❤


Today is Consult Date

afraidBy the time you are reading this, I am on the way to my consult with my plastic surgeon.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m hoping that I have more confirmative answers by the time I leave – which of course I will share with you.

This has been such a long time coming.  I’ve read everything I can about the procedure.  I think I’m well educated on the terminology so I can stay with the doctor when he is talking about everything.  I also went and saw the surgery on line.  Gulps – intense.  I knew that but seeing it, wow!

So I think I’m prepared.  So pray for me – send good vibes – that the price is in my ballpark.

To Nip or Not To Nip

That is the question.  So there you are.  You’ve made up your mind, you’ve set your consult date and you are ready to get your breasts gone – like now.  What’s next?  Trust me on this.  I’ve done my homework.  I’m not going into this uneducated.  But there are things to consider about on a breast reduction.

1 – Find a good doctor.  This is *not* the time to be bargain shopping.  Lord forbid!  Make sure he is a board certified plastic surgeon who has done this work before.  You don’t want to be anyone’s guinea pig.  I shiver thinking about it.

checklist-form-md2 – If you are wary about being undressed and showing everything to the doctor, get over it.  You will be felt, moved, positioned and then more with the doctor.  This is their job of seeing what they have to work with.  Don’t be embarrassed.  They have seen much worse and you are their next masterpiece.

3 – A lot of breast reductions are covered under insurance.  If you are going that route, be prepared for an uphill battle with seeing lots of doctors and starting a paperwork trail.  Then remember, insurance dictates how small you go.  This decision may not be what you want.  And also your doctor will be with your insurance carrier, someone you don’t know.  Breast reductions are not cheap – typically $6,000-$12,000.  You have to make the choice to whether go the direction of your insurance or paying out of pocket and choosing your own doctor.

4 – You will either have your surgery in the hospital and stay the night going home the next day or in an outpatient facility.  The surgery takes anywhere between 3-5 hours.  You will need help afterwards.  Don’t be superwoman.  Get help!  This is the time to take your meds, drink plenty of water and rest.  You will be out of work between 1-2 weeks – each person varies.  Just plan on down time and don’t over do it.

5 – Something that people don’t think about are the scars associated with a breast reduction.  You will be cut under your breasts, up and around your areola.  There are scars.  Scars do diminish over time.   They never go away but they do lessen.  It may be months or even a year before your new breasts settle and you see the new ‘you’.  Be patient.  And this does bring us to nipple sensation.  Yep, I said it.  Nipple.  Some people will come out of surgery with intense sensitivity and others will have no sensitivity.  It takes time to heal.  NOTE:  I had a very intense surgery years ago.  When I came out of surgery I had absolutely no feeling in an area.  It took me almost 3 years! to feel that area again.  Life is not a race.  Be patient!


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider – this is just a few and by all means not everything to think about.  I go Monday for my consult with my plastic surgeon.  No, I did not elect to go the insurance route.  I’m not a patient person in that department.  And yes, after surgery I am so getting this t-shirt.  If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of Mickey Mouse – giggles.

P.S.  Thanks to my sweet friend Pam for coming up with my blog bi-line of The Downsizing Divas – what an awesome bi-line huh?  Thanks sweets ❤

Living Large


Let’s talk about the downside of living with large breasts.  Yes my friends there are lots of downsides associated with big breasts.

Clothes are top of my list – literally.  You find the right size for your body but you are not done there.  Nope.  You have to account for boob room.  That can make your clothes size go up 2-3 sizes alone.  No joking.  Me and friend recently got the same size shirt. She looks wonderful in hers.  However, I look like I should be applying at my local Hooter’s restaurant.  In fact, I shouldn’t be allowed out of the house because if it rains, I would definitely win a wet t-shirt contest.  Shaking my head.

Bras.  Enough said right? You see all of these cute little bras, balconettes, bandeaus and Lord forbid anything intimate and sexy.  At this size, you buy for support and a lot of it.  IF you find anything sexy looking, it’s going to cost you.  Lowers my head, I can begin to tell you how much money I have spent in bras in the past six months.  My last bra that I bought cost upwards of $75.00 for ONE bra.  It has more support than an AAA meeting and feels like it too.  By the end of the day, you can’t wait to get that thing off and release the girls to freedom.

Shaving your legs.  This should really be an Olympic sport for girls with big breasts.  Picture this – in the shower wet and you lean over to shave your lower leg.  Not so easy my friend.  You have to wrangle the girl that is hanging down to your knee cap and throw it over your shoulder or under your armpit.  It is a race with the devil of who is going to win – you or your breasts.  And the upper leg is even worse.  Shaking my head.  You might get one leg done before you say enough and elect to do the other leg the next day.

Seatbelts.   It’s like bounding in two cantaloupes and God help you if you have to step really quick and the seatbelt tightens on you.  You.can.not.breathe.

Laying down.  I am serious with this.  If you lay on your back in bed, you feel the weight of the world on your chest and it’s hard to breathe.  If you lay on your stomach – who am I trying to convince – you can’t.  Okay you just can’t.  Way too much weight being pushed on your chest in this position.  Don’t even try.  If you lay on your side, you have to maneuver the girls by pushing and pulling them into positions so that you can breathe.

Business.  You might as well accept that fact that anything you wear – even a paper sack – your boobs will be in the room before you do.  Most people don’t take you serious or for that matter think that you have a brain because your brain is being worn on your chest.  Rolls eyes – I’m serious on this.

Exercise.  Are you kidding me?  Now I’ve been walking since I was an infant so I know that’s something I can do.. most of the time.  Heck, I’ve even been known to walk fast if the ‘hot donuts’ sign on is on at my local Krispy Kreme.  But run?  Not unless I want two black eyes and two broken knee caps.  Just not going to happen.  Heck, I don’t think I even know how to run – seriously.

So my friends, I hope I gave you a highlight into living large.  Until next time – ❤

Consult Date Set


My consult date is set – August 7, 2017 at 8:30am.  I’m nervous.  I’m excited.  I’m anxious.  The good thing is that I know my plastic surgeon.  So I feel comfortable with that.  It’s the unknown of what can be done to my girls.

And I’ve done a lot of homework and seen a LOT of before/after pictures.  I know everyone’s results are different but I wanted to see the possibilities of what could be done.  I also copied three pictures I found that look very similar to me.  Two of them I really like something different about their after.  The third one is totally unacceptable to me.  To better explain what I expect from my breast reduction/lift, I wanted to show him pictures.  Then I want to see some of the work he has done with breast reductions in his line of work.  (Thankfully they don’t show faces – just think I could be a future person that show to someone ❤ )  Like I said, I have faith in my doctor.  I just think it’s a good idea to put out there your expectations of what can be done vs what will be done.

I’ve also completed all of my patient information from the doctor’s office – boy there was pages and pages of that!  Your medical history, past surgeries, medicines, etc.  I just had bloodwork done with my current primary doctor so I also printed those results.

And here is the big one. I went for my mammogram yesterday.  That snowballed into an ultrasound which then snowballed into meeting with the radiologist doctor.  Go figure huh?  But the radiologist doctor was amazing!  There is nothing going on with my breasts that he has not seen in the past 10 years.  Of course, there is some calcifications and two spots on my left breast which are benign.  The radiologist doctor even confirmed that he believed I would be an excellent candidate for a breast reduction.  This doctor even went the extra mile.  He told me to come by last night to pick up a disc with my mammogram/ultrasound images and his diagnosis statement.  That way I would have it in time for my consult.  What a guy!

I would like to think that I have everything covered.  I’ve lived my 48 years with these breasts and can’t imagine life without them but I really want to try.  Life without pain from them would be amazing.  My neck has gotten worse from the pull of my breasts.  My back hurts by the end of the day.  Let’s not talk about the strap indentations on my shoulders.  And with this heat, oh my goodness the heat rash that lives under my breasts.  And – shaking my head – the need to get a second job at times just to afford the costs of a good bra to keep these girls contained!

It’s Time

This is it.  I’m making the journey.  Of course, many women have been here before me and many will be after me.  So why blog about it?  If I can help someone else with their journey, I will so do it.   This is not something that I’ve taken lightly.  Trust me, it’s been on my want to list for years and years and years… maybe I should start at the beginning.

In the beginning, God created man.

Okay – maybe not that early – LOL.   I was an early developer.  As in early developer, I mean I sprouted breasts in the 5th grade, so I’m talking between 10-11 years of age.  And sprout is a good word.  It seems like they came in overnight and didn’t stop.  By the time I was in the 7th grade (just a mere two years later), I was already at a DDD cup size.  And perky – you’ve got to be kidding me.  It’s like they came and dropped immediately.  Which is weird I know.  Especially in my family where none of the women really had big breasts.  Thus you can imagine my teenage years – shaking my head.  No wonder I was a closet geek that stayed to myself and did nothing but study.

Forget about dating.  No offense to any men reading this blog but you see big breasts and you get a look in your face like you haven’t drunk water in days.  Women – you know that look, right?  Well it stinks when you are a young female starting to date so I did what any other sensible girl would do.  I didn’t date.  Of course it helped with my father stating I couldn’t date until after I got married – LOL.

So there I was.  Young, huge breasts that hung and swayed and absolutely no self esteem because of it.  It did make for some difficult teenage years but hey look I made it!  That was a long time ago and I think I turned out pretty well considering.

So I hope you don’t tire of me and my journey.  Just keep in mind a couple of things okay.

  • This is my personal journey.  My  journey  may not work for you.
  • I’ve been dogged out all of my life by the look of my breasts.  It’s kind of given me a solid backbone.  However, this blog is meant to be positive – not negative.  If you  have thoughts that I shouldn’t do this, don’t bother.
  • If you have any questions, I will most certainly be glad to answer them truthfully for you.